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She’s done!

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I know it has been a WHILE since I posted last…

Things got crazy and started moving FAST toward the end of the build!

Well. The house is completed and we have moved out of our temporary living quarters (the apartment, loaded with college students) and are now living quietly…in our new Ranch Bungalow :)

We are now moving forward with the overwhelming, yet FUN task of furnishing our new home.

We don’t have any furniture!  Well, sparse furnishings is a better description.

I now think I know how the Clampett’s felt…when they moved into the mansion.




Time to get BUSY.

completed house exterior

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Another view, slightly.

side view of completed house exterior

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Exterior paint

Believe it or not…the exterior of the house is being painted as I type!

I saw it with my own two eyeballs.

I know. I can’t believe it either!

Photos are coming soon (REALLY)

Oh. And, we are really, hopefully, possibly, potentially, moving in by middle of next week (There. I said it)

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Pantry doors

Yes.  This IS our kitchen pantry.  It has red, wrought iron handles AND chicken wire screen 🙂

View of pantry doors

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Our most recent photos!

A reminder of what the grass looks like in the Summer! Can’t wait to see all of this GREEN again!Property in July 2012

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Master bedroom chandelierMaster Bedroom Chandelier

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Just varnished wood floors!Just varnished wood floors

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Living Area view from kitchen hallwayLiving area from hallway

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Eddie photographing Suzy as Suzy was photographing Eddie…It’s WHAT we DO 🙂Eddie getting the shot.

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Looking into living/dining area, from kitchen.Dining room view

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Recent photos

View from kitchen…into living/dining area

***This photo turned out a little dark

*Our apologies*Living Area

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Kitchen is nearing completion

Kitchen Feb 16th

Well.  Here it is.  ALMOST complete! Our colorful, bungalow kitchen…LOVE it!

Still to be installed: Knobs and pulls, glass on cabinet doors, faucet and dishwasher, plates on light switches, butcher block uncovered and mounted 🙂

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Random photo snapshots…

Okay. Here are several TOTALLY RANDOM snapshots we took this weekend.

As you will see, there is more work to be done.  These photos are in the RAW.  We came.  We saw.  We snapped photos! 

Rumor has it…we should be in the house within the first two weeks of March!

The porch “cedar columns” and railings are scheduled to be installed by end of this week or beginning of next week.

The entire “exterior” of the house should be painted…soon.


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Office! Yes. If you know me (Suzy) you KNEW it had to be YELLOW :)-The Office. Yes.  If you know me (Suzy) you KNEW it had to be Yellow 🙂

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Inspector Eddie2-8-2013-4

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Sun Room (AKA: Breakfast Nook)
sun room

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Kitchen/breakfast nook and hallway viewrandom view 1

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Looking into living area, from kitchen.  To the left is the dining room.

More tile to be added to the fireplace surround, by rm

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The guys working on our beautiful, winding driveway.2-8-2013-5

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Another view of kitchen and our HUGE pantry.  It will have rabbit wire, instead of glass…on the doors 🙂

Peek-A-Boo!kitchen (2)

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The kitchen tile going up! This lovely blue mosaic tile, will go along the wall, connecting to the granite and topped with an awesome tile

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Kitchen, breakfast nook and hallwayrandom view 1

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The guest bathroom in the making!guest bathroom

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Guest bedroom chandelier 🙂guest rm chandelier

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Another view of guest bathguest bath tile

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Looking into the living area from the dining roomfrom dining into living

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Front door view.  Standing in the living area.  Kitchen is to my left.  You can see the dining area on the right.entry hall

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Front door view.  The “yellow” office is just to the right, in this photo.   When you enter the house, the yellow office is directly to your left.entry door

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We just entered the house. We passed the office.  Now we are looking left…and we see the dining room.

The bottom photo: to the right of the dining room, you can see the living room.dining 3dining view 3

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We have these “bungalow” lights, all around the exterior of the house.2-8-2013-7

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The tile is down

So much has been going on inside the house, we thought we would snap a photo to at least show you the tile.

Here it is.  The tile.  In the hallway leading to the garage.

Here’s the update, as far as we know…

Back splash and tile on the walls, will be going up the rest of this week and into the first half of next week.

Electricians and plumbers will be back today and throughout next week to finish up.

The driveway is being poured and looks MARVELOUS.

The OUTSIDE painting has yet to begin, however, we are being assured it will be complete by move-in (end of this month) 🙂

I PROMISE to post more updated photos…we will take those, this weekend. 

Back hallway after tile installed

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Color and Granite

Yes. The walls have been completely painted!  Photos are coming SOON.

The Granite…has been installed in the kitchen and will soon be put down in both bathrooms.

Yes…photos are coming SOON 🙂

So much getting ready to happen at the house, all at once!

Yippee Skippy!!

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Painting will be complete by Friday!

The painter has advised us he anticipates being FINISHED by this coming Friday! (That’s Jan 25th to you and me)

So…we will be posting photos of our completely painted bungalow no later than this weekend 🙂


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Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

This color is called “babbling brook” and will go beautifully with our “wicker” (tan/beige) shade applied to all walls and ceilings.

Remember: We have large white crown molding and base boards throughout the entire house.

A lovely, calming, coastal, ranch, cottage, bungalow…feeling 🙂DSC_0008

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Guest Bath

This is the guest bathroom.  Due to not having lights YET…it is a little tricky to SEE the color on the cabinetry.

There are NO windows in the bathroom (it’s in the center of the house) so, we went with a lighter color on the cabinets and they will have glass panels.

Yes!  That’s what I said. Glass panels.  NO hiding stuff in THIS bathroom.  Let the COLOR shine on 🙂

However, this is a beautiful shade called “Babbling Brook”.  It is an Old World color and we LOVE it!DSC_0006

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Painted cabinets!

The Master Bath is now getting COLOR!

This bathroom is FULL of natural light, so we decided to go with a deeper, more rich tone on the bottom cabinets.

This LOOKS like a lighter shade of blue…however it is NOT.

This color is called Aqua Smoke and is actually darker and more greenish-blue, while still being accepted by the “Grey” family 🙂DSC_0009

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Porch Columns

The porch columns are almost built on the front porch!

After the rock is complete, the cedar will go on top and up to the ceiling.


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Primed and ready!


photo by: Eddie Miller

(thank you honey)!!

No.  It’s NOT snow!

All the wood has been sprayed with a primer coat and boy oh boy does it STINK!

However, by the time this photo has been posted, I am ABSOLUTELY, almost….CERTAIN the painters have begun adding a few of those colors you can see to the left… and toward the back 🙂

Yes.  This will be a very COLORFUL bungalow!

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, here is a question for those of you who know me (Suzy)

Will the office be painted white, purple, turquoise, or YELLOW ?


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Well, well.

How can I say this ?


If you have ever been inside a new build while the painting is happening…you KNOW what I mean, when I say: IT’S JUST WRONG TO BE ANYWHERE WITHIN SNIFFING DISTANCE OF THAT HOUSE!

So, I do NOT attempt photos.

Eddie, however…DOES.

Those photos will be posted this weekend 🙂

Ps…we need a respirator for Eddie AND his camera.

Just sayin.

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Staining of the woodwork

DSC_0008The staining of woodwork has begun.

A messy process!  We LOVE this not too light, not too dark, shade of stain!

Not so great to look at NOW.

SOON it will be lovely 🙂

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Fireplace is finished!

exterior view of fireplaceHere it is!  Eddie’s own fireplace design.  Don’t you love it ?!

It’s beautiful and TALL 🙂

Fun little fact: you can see BOTH porches in this photo 🙂

Better views are forthcoming.

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Porch has been poured!


Ah.  The porch. This is what I (Suzy) have been waiting for 🙂

I love this porch! It is GINORMOUS!

Next step: the rock columns will go up (there are three) and the cedar wood tops and railing will follow shortly afterwards.

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The update prior to pictures, update :)-

Hello there once again!

The porches have been poured!  They are lovely! 

We will be going out to the house this evening and will snap a photo or two.

What’s happening on the inside ?

Masking and taping of LOTS of wood.

Stain will go on first, then dry time, then PAINT.

This concludes our update.

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled day.



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A few photo updates

DSC_0007In the dining room, looking into living area

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DSC_0001The fireplace and bookcases are almost ready for stain!

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Office is almost ready for paint!The office is almost ready for paint and stain!

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This weekend

It has been a while since our last update!

Reason being: LOTS of work going on!

The trim carpenters are heading toward the finish line and have been working up till midnight, recently.

They plan on being DONE by the end of Sunday.

Then…the painters can begin (SWEET).

Today: possibly framing of the porches and then….the pouring of the concrete.


Will update with photos….by end of Sunday OR Monday.


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Here are a few of the latest “trim” photos!

We just walked into the house and this is the view!

Straight ahead into the living room and out onto the patio.

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