If you just heard about Eddie and Suzy building a new house, well, welcome to our on-line,  “we’re building a Ranch Bungalow,” Blog!

This little blog is for YOU.  Our family and our friends.  Since YOU will be a part of its future and because we love you guys, we want you to be able to watch our house-build from beginning to end…right along with us!

 No bells and whistles.  Just plain ole updates and photos!  It is for YOU; our family and friends.

We will be taking pictures starting on day ONE.  The entire process, from ground breaking to move in day.


Eddie and Suzy

(to some of you: Dad and Mom) 🙂

****there will be exceptions as to HOW you can view “some” of these photo timelines.  Some are in order as taken.  Some require you go to bottom and scroll upwards to view.  You will know what I mean as you begin viewing them.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

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